MBM Program Kicks Off!

Program Director Martha Gillette

Our new NSF-funded training grant program, “NRT-UtB: Training the Next Generation of Researchers in Engineering and Deciphering of Miniature Brain Machinery”, held its Kickoff meeting January 19. This innovative program in cross-disciplinary training in the neurosciences brings together faculty and students from eight different departments across campus.

The event began with inspiring introductions from Jeffrey Moore, Director of Beckman Institute; Matthew Ando, Asso. Dean of LAS; Tamer Basar, Interim Dean of Engineering; and Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, Dean of the Graduate College. MBM Kickoff MeetingWe also invited multiple Graduate Program Coordinators to help education them as to what we are seeking to accomplish.

The real stars were the 9 new trainees! We anticipate adding 3 more during the current grad recruitment period.