Trainee Presentations from the 2022 MBM Retreat

Our trainees presented at the Fifth Miniature Brain Machinery Retreat September 15, 2022 in Urbana, Illinois. Because this was a hybrid in-person/virtual event, we were able to record video of their presentations via Zoom.

Will Baker: Enhancement of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Paracrine Secretion for Cerebral Ischemia Treatment

Olawale Salaudeen: Separating Neural Encoding and Decoding Pathways in fMRI by Disentangling Causal and Anticausal Mechanisms

Sara Bell: Single Cell Chemistry of Stickleback Fish Pituitary: Implications in Parenting

Jennifer Walters: Pharmacological inhibition of brain-specific tyrosine phosphatase STEP reduces KA-induced seizure propensity and hippocampal network excitability

Samuel Okyem: Unusual Isomeric Peptide Discovery in CNS of mammals

Taylor Jorgensen: Diurnal Variations in Hippocampal Astrocyte Coupling

Ryan Miller: Antioxidant Regulation of Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell (adMSC) Senescence for Improved Therapeutic Efficacy

Shannon Berneche: Characterization of the Glymphatic Peptidome by Mass Spectrometry

Miles Norsworthy: Redox states in axons and dendrites

Charles Marchini: MRI Perfusion Imaging with Partial Separability