Virtual Open House

Learn about organoids, neurons, and more from our trainees! These resources were developed for the 2021 Beckman Virtual Open House.

Take a Tour of the Rhodes Lab

How do psychologists use optogenetics to study the brain? How do they trap neurons? Take a tour through the lab of Dr. Justin Rhodes with Jennie Gardner, MBM Trainee.

What are Organoids?

MBM Alumna Shannon Murphy gives some information about these miniature versions of the organs in your body.

What is a Neuron?

Learn more about neurons and their role in the brain. Slides by MBM Trainee Jennie Gardner.

Learning about Chemical Reactions in Our Brains with Single Cell Mass Spectrometry

Have you ever wondered what makes us behave the way we do? What gives us the ability to learn new things, to remember our experiences, or what allows us to feel emotions such as love or anger? The answer is chemical interactions in our brains. MBM Trainee Sara Bell explains how scientists study these chemicals with single cell mass spectrometry.

Tour Martha Gillette’s labs and Learn about Neuroscience Research

How do neuroscientists study the brain? Take a tour of Dr. Martha Gillette’s labs with MBM alumnus Collin Kaufman and learn about current research projects from him and fellow students at the University of Illinois: Miles Norsworthy (MBM), Amanda Weiss (MBM), Harsha Namburi, Taylor Jorgensen (MBM), and Quang Nguyen, with links provided by Dr. Jennifer Mitchell.

Studying Brain Diseases in the Cellular and Neuroscience Imaging Lab

MBM Trainee Jorge Maldonado DeJesus discusses how scientists can learn more about brain diseases like traumatic brain injury and neuroinflammation by using the Cellular and Neuroscience Imaging Lab at the Beckman Institute.