MBM Welcomes New Trainees!

The MBM Program is proud to announce that we will have three new trainees beginning in January:

Sara Bell

Sara Bell is a second-year Chemistry student. Her current research is in characterizing neurotransmitter dynamics in the rodent brain using a range of small volume mass spectrometry-based approaches. She will be co-advised by Jonathan Sweedler and Rashid Bashir.

Ryan Miller is a second-year student in Chemical & Ryan MillerBiomolecular Engineering. His research focuses on the extent that a reactive oxygen species (ROS)-responsive antioxidant crystal nullifies ROS-induced brain remodeling and damage using a brain organoid on a chip. He will be co-advised by Hyunjoon Kong and Hee Sun Han, who delivered a Frontiers in MBM lecture last spring.

Miles NorsworthyMiles Norsworthy is a third-year Cell & Developmental Biology student. His research lies in understanding how local signals shape the developing neuronal dendrite. He is also a US military veteran and first-generation college student. He will be co-advised by Martha Gillette and Gabriel Popescu.

Each new trainee represents an underrepresented demographic in our field. Both Ryan and Miles will be supported by funds from the ChBE and CDB departments respectively.

Sara, Ryan, and Miles will join our 11 existing trainees beginning January 1 as a second cohort in the program.