MBM Welcomes New Faculty: Daniel Llano, Taher Saif, Justin Rhodes

Please join MBM in welcoming three new program faculty: Drs. Daniel Llano, Taher Saif, and Justin Rhodes!

Daniel Llano Dr. Daniel Llano is an associate professor of molecular & integrative physiology at the University of Illinois, as well as a physician/surgeon at Carle Foundation Hospital. His expertise lies in computational biology, imaging, neurobiology, optogenetics, and sensory processing.

Dr. Llano joined our class September 18 to give a lecture on “Cortical-subcortical interactions in the auditory system, and a few thoughts about translational neuroscience.” Before he came to Illinois, Llano worked for Abbott Pharma.

Justin Rhodes

Dr. Justin Rhodes is a professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Illinois. His expertise lies in genetics and voluntary behavior.

Dr. Rhodes gave the first Frontiers in MBM lecture September 4 on “Completely implantable, injectable, wireless microLEDs for optogenetic manipulations of exercise-brain interactions.”

Taher SaifDr. Taher Saif is a professor of mechanical science and engineering, as well as  neuroscience, at the University of Illinois. His expertise lies in biomechanics and nanomechanics.

Dr. Saif recently worked with MBM trainee Gelson Pagan-Diaz and MBM faculty Rashid Bashir to develop soft, robotic devices that are driven by neuromuscular tissue and stimulated by light.

We are excited to welcome these faculty to Miniature Brain Machinery and look forward to the future developments they will bring to our program.