Jorge Maldonado-De Jesus teaches electrophysiology to middle schoolers

Jorge Maldonado De-Jesus (center) demonstrates principles of electrophysiology to a middle school student (left) with Aadeel Akhtar (right).

MBM Trainee Jorge Maldonado-De Jesus presented a lecture and demonstration on electrophysiology to middle school students through the Neurophysiology Bootcamp at Academy High-School in Champaign on June 27, 2019.

The demonstration on electrophysiology explained how muscle action potentials can be used to build prosthetic limbs using machine learning. The program invited Aadeel Akhtar from Psyonics as a guest participant.

Demonstrating principles in electrophysiology

Maldonado-De Jesus has also lectured to fourth- and fifth-grade students at Dr. Williams Elementary School in Urbana, Illinois on understanding the brain in February 2019, and has served as an active mentor to undergraduate students and minors. He is currently working on his PhD in neuroscience and has research topics include imaging, brain plasticity, and molecular neuroscience.