MBM Demonstration at Beckman Open House

MBM trainees at Beckman Open House
R-L: Lauren Grant, Gelson Pagan-Diaz, Evin Kilicarslan (EBICS volunteer), Katie Sullivan, Mikhail Kandel, and Amanda Weiss

The MBM Program offered a demonstration booth at the Beckman Institute’s Open House March 8 and 9. Trainees Amanda Weiss and Mikhail Kandel, who are members of the MBM Student Leadership Council, led planning and preparation for this demonstration.

Amanda Weiss
Amanda Weiss adjusts settings on the display microscope.

The booth featured a live video feed of liver cancer cells from Kandel’s bioimaging lab, a microscope showing blood cells, a poster of Weiss’ research, and an interactive lesson on light polarization.

Mikhail Kandel teaches light polarization like a Viking.

At the next booth, MBM’s sister program EBICS demonstrated biobots with help from MBM trainees.

Katie Sullivan, with a live feed of liver cancer cells.

Several MBM trainees participated in the demonstration. Joining Kandel and Weiss were Katie Sullivan, Collin Kaufman, Gelson Pagan-Diaz, Natalie Aw, Brian Baculis, Shannon Murphy, and Lauren Grant.

Natalie Aw teaches an Open House attendee to learn about science like a Viking.

The Beckman Open House presented an opportunity for programs to reach out to the public and share their research. Attendees of all ages came to learn about science, especially schoolchildren, families, and undergraduate students.

Shannon Murphy and Amanda Weiss