Mikhail Kandel Presents Research on QLI Lab Microscope Add-On Module

Mikhail Kandel

MBM trainee Mikhail Kandel presented his research April 18 with colleague Chenfei Hu in conjunction with their work via EBICS and the QLI Lab.

Kandel’s presentation¬†showed the lab’s new microscope add-on module, which improves contrast in reflected light imaging by using phase shifting. “It opened up a bunch of new avenues, as our module can be integrated into a high throughput imaging instruments,” he explained. The module “provides a significant improvement in resolution and sectioning.”

Kandel and his colleagues are now working on 3D reconstruction algorithms that will make the microscope similar to an MRI for cells. He is a doctoral student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering program and is advised by Dr. Gabriel Popescu.

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